Thursday, December 22, 2011


We packed the van last night. I hate packing for Christmas vacation, because everything takes up so much room. Gifts quadruple in size with tissue paper, boxes, and bows. I think of how much easier it will be to pack on the return trip when everything has been stripped down to just what it really is.

This time of year wearies me. Christmas quadruples in size with all of the wrapping. Parties, cards, gifts, sweets, surprises –enjoyable things individually, but combined they make my soul tired.

On Christmas morning we will fill large garbage sacks with paper, boxes, and bows. It all goes to the dump. And each person will tuck away the treasure he has received.

I am ready to slowly loosen the tape and pull away all that is external about Christmas.

Let me hold in my hand the gift itself.

Give me Jesus.

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