Saturday, December 3, 2011

if it still works

When Grandma passed away a few years ago, I helped go through her things. I came across something that caused me to pause and stare for a long time. I can't get it out of my mind. It was a cardboard, gallon-sized ice cream bucket. From the time I was young I saw that paper bucket sitting in a corner of a room being used as a garbage can. It saw decades of use. Why didn't she buy a new one? As I stared at the bucket I walked down the aisle of Target in my minding, mentally shopping for a beautiful new garbage can for Grandma. Why didn't she replace that bucket with something pretty? And then I wondered why I feel the need to replace everything with something new.

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  1. Haha That's a funny memory as I'm the one who helped cover those "garbage cans" with contact paper. And just to set the record straight, they used to come full of potato chips! They were perfect. How could we throw them away? We did that as a project when I was in grade school. Such durable quality! Grandma died four years ago tomorrow. Thanks for the memory. I love you Christy.