Monday, December 26, 2011


I watched my sister-in-law try to unpackage a toy for her daughter on Christmas Eve. It took her 15 minutes to get the large play horse ready for play. It was tethered to the box it came in. The mane was secured in plastic. The saddle and bridle were secured with plastic. Every little accessory was secured in plastic. I watched her curly-headed daughter hover through the entire process -anxiously waiting until she could hold that beautiful horse. She was never more than a foot away from her mom the entire time. Watching. Hands eager to touch and play. So close but unable to enjoy it yet.

Genesis 1:2. The earth was formless and void. The Spirit of God hovered over the surface waters. Trembling. So close, yet the word had not yet been spoken for things to be.

Hovering. This word in Hebrew also means to have a feeling of tender love, to cherish. The Spirit of God trembled over the surface of the waters, ready to love. Anxious for the people to exist. Like a mother who touches her belly in the ninth month, imagining the face of the child she
loves but hasn’t seen yet. Ready to hold him in her arms. So close yet unable to enjoy the love yet.

A new year approaches, and I picture the Spirit hovering over my life -trembling with a feeling of tender love, ready to speak the word of creation on my coming 365 days. What is He anxious to do in me… through me. I look into the dark and formless void of 2012 and hope. Speak, Lord.
Say the word that will bring light and life and green, growing things in my new year.

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  1. this. is beautiful. and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.