Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I just had a traumatic 24 hours. I went to a baby shower, and one of the hostesses didn't show up. It wasn't like her to forget something like that, and she lives out of town, so a few of our number went to see if maybe she had gotten stuck on snowy roads. When they got to her house her cars were there. Her purse and all of the shower food she was supposed to bring were there, but she was gone. My stomach tightened. After a search of the house and its perimeter, we finally called the sheriff. After a few intense hours she finally walked in the door of her home. She and some friends had gone to get a Christmas tree. Their car had gotten stuck, and it had taken them six hours to finally get themselves free and get out of the woods. My whole body felt the relief when I heard her voice, and I went and had a good cry. Thank God she was okay. The next morning I woke up and was going to put the finishing touches on a 12-week Bible study guide I had been writing for our church. I had spent weeks writing it, almost a dozen hours just editing it, and I was ready to send it in to the church office for publishing. I opened up the document to find a blank screen. Nothing. I searched for a long time but still couldn't find it. I had a physical response to the loss and started shaking. I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. After half an hour of shock I went to the computer again and was able to recover the document. Once again I had a good cry of relief. I'm praying God will grant me that same visceral reaction when I meet people who are lost without Him.

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