Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It was my first semester in college, and I was heading into finals with my first-ever F. Zoology was just a step beyond the reach of my brain. It was written and taught in the foreign language of science, and I just couldn't comprehend it.

I was going to school on a full scholarship that demanded a certain GPA be maintained. I was paralyzed with fear, wondering what would happen to my scholarship if I were to fail this class. Worse than imagining losing my scholarship was the stomach-knotting worry of what my dad would say when he heard I was failing.

I finally worked up the courage to dial the numbers home. I talked to dad and told him of the coming doom.

He heard me out and calmly replied, "So?"


"So?" I said.

"So? Tell me the worst possible outcome of this situation" he said.

"I could go on academic probation."


"I'll have to retake the class. It's a required class."


"I might lose my scholarship."


(I found a tutor and passed that class with a C+.)
God is not flustered by our crises.

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