Friday, December 23, 2011

the cloud

Here we are in the van driving to Wyoming, the smell of Cheetos and sandwiches hanging in the air. Caleb has loaded podcasts for our listening entertainment, so we hear two guys talk about the future of the internet. They start discussing "the cloud", which is a new concept to me, but I guess there's an internet cloud out there that does stuff for us (I hope that jargon isn't too highly technical for you.) For example, Caleb buys a song on iTunes from his iPod, and the cloud automatically sends the song to his computer at home. Jayme's a little freaked out and is making plans to move to a primitive country. I say ominously. "The Cloud will find you there, Jayme."

But it makes me think of prayer. If we can comprehend a man-made cloud that acts on our behalf, is it impossible to imagine there is an invisible God who sees us, hears us, and who can act when we talk to Him?

With the cloud, the end user doesn't need to understand the workers of everything that provided the service to him. He just knows stuff got done.

We have such confidence in the internet. We go to it with great expectation, and the majority of us do not care or even want to know how it allw orks. The end result is all that matters.

What a great image to take with us when we pray. We don't have to see. We don't have to understand how it's all being worked out. For those of us who love God and who are living for His purpose, we only need to know the end result is always going to be for our good.

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