Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm obsessed with makeover shows. My current favorite is Restaurant Impossible. This massive, drill-sargent-of-a-chef goes into failing restaurants to turn them around. The restaurant owners are in debt, with no customers coming in, and they all have in common hopeless defeat and weariness. Makeover shows all follow the same line -a brutal confrontation with the truth of the failure, massive upheaval and destruction of the old, restructuring and rebuilding, panic (can we do this in time?), followed by The Reveal. In 24 hours the restaurant staff is re-trained, the restaurant gutted and remodeled, the owner's perspective changed, and the food made perfect. And when I cry at The Reveal every time it's because inside I'm jumping up and down- "So it is possible!" Anyone who is in Christ is madeover. The old is brutally confronted and torn out. Everything is made new. You can open your eyes now.

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