Thursday, July 26, 2012

money, or the lack thereof

Well, what did the garage door guy say? 

I couldn’t get it out of my mouth. 

Well?  Just tell me. 

We’re going to have to replace the whole door.  $900.00.

Tension rose.  I had had a few hours to absorb the news, but Matt was experiencing the gut kick at first impact. 

Disagreement followed.  He thought we should handle it this way.  I thought we should handle it that.  Words with a heated undercurrent that quickly subsided as the bell clanged and we both pulled back to our corners of the ring. 

He went to take a shower.  When he came back downstairs I sat down close to him on the couch and reached out my hand to his. 

We’ve been here before and have come through it together. 

Yes, we have, he agreed.

Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.”  (Proverbs 23:5)   

Goodbye money.  It was nice having you around for a while –come again when you can stay longer!  

My dad has repeatedly chanted this mantra to me:  It’s just money. 

Just money, yes, but it can either be the hook that pulls our marriage apart or the challenge we work through together.

So we’ll do what we always do to handle a tight money spot

·       Remember, on purpose and out loud to each other, the times when God has taken care of our financial red zones before.
·       Determine to tackle the problem with cash and not credit.
·       Work the problem:  What do we have?  What can we do?  Make a plan.
·       Tighten the belt.    
·       Pray for help, leaving room in the heart for belief that God can act beyond our imagination.
·       Hug each other tight in the kitchen (a free activity).  Whisper sweet nothings (which are quite economical) in each other’s ears. 

It is, after all, just money.


  1. Sorry about the garage door; it seems like a never ending battle with money; one gets a little bit ahead and then an expense occurs that we didn't expect, etc. It is refreshing to know that God says he'll take care of our needs (even though He and me might disagree about what my needs will be) but it does get overwhelming at times. I do agree with what your father said "it is just money". I had a former pastor that said the same thing. We are the one that assigns the value to it, but it is just money. I like your strategies on getting through this present tight money spot; all workable and doable and trust the Lord will provide.


  2. I'm actually printing out your strategies. I need them as a constant reminder. You're right, God has always always provided.

    1. Unfortunately, we've had a lot of experience at the "for poorer" part of the "for richer for poorer" marriage vows. When I stop to think of how God has provided for us through the years it makes me ashamed that I have even a moment of anxiety. I'm glad if our experience could encourage you. Thanks for sharing!