Wednesday, July 4, 2012

worn thin

It was middle school, and after one month of summer band camp I was in line to make my debut with the marching band in the 4th of July parade.  (Why anyone thought I could walk and play an instrument at the same time is beyond me.) 

We got in line early for the parade, so our band teacher told us we could sit down while we waited for things to get started. 

As I sat down I heard an unfortunate ripping of denim in the area of my back side.  A large ripping.  And it was about 15 minutes before the parade was about to start.   

I looked over at my friend in panic and described my situation to her. 

She said, My mom’s over there in the car!   

With my friend following ever so closely behind me, we made our way over to her mom, who quickly pulled out a sewing kit from her purse (I hope no child ever comes to me with such a need), cut a strip of material off the leg of my pants, and promptly sewed patchwork over my behind while I laid across her lap in the car.  I made it back to my place in line with the band just in time for the parade to start. 

That’s us –sometimes in one moment discovering a place in our lives that has been wearing thin, but we don’t realize it until there’s a gaping rip that leaves us exposed. 

Here’s good news and a silly rhyme for the 4th of July.  God does patchwork on the fly.    

“The Lord…has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted.”  (Isaiah 61:1)

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