Thursday, July 19, 2012

fighting for contentment

I love clothes so much. 

Last weekend my family spent the afternoon strolling through shops in the nearby resort town of Whitefish, Montana.  Just for fun –pretending we were tourists for the afternoon. 

We wandered into a little clothing store where I fingered through the racks and came upon THE most amazing pair of shorts.  Matt had been encouraging me to buy a new pair for a while, and I fell in love with these. 

Until I looked at the price tag.  $174.00 

What can I say?  I have great taste.   

Sigh.  These shorts would have looked incredible on me, I tell you, but since they were half our month’s grocery budget I decided to pass them by. 

Every single day for years I’ve opened up my closet to view a wardrobe that is far less than what I wish I had.  Discontentment gnaws as I look at my choices and think if only 

1 John 2:15 says, “Do not love the world or anything in the world…”  (Oh man did I love those $174 shorts.) 

Fighting to stop loving clothes, I started doing battle several years ago in front of my closet in the morning.  Lord, please help me.  I started purposefully combating that soul-churning feeling of discontentment by thinking of how much I have. 

Yesterday I opened up a drawer to choose some pants to wear, and I realized the first feeling I had was one of thankfulness.  Thank you so much, Lord, that I have a choice of what to wear today.  A breakthrough!   

It still doesn’t hurt my feelings to get new clothes, but I’m so excited that after years of mental battle my very first thought is coming out as thankfulness now instead of longing for more.     

What’s your discontentment battle?

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