Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking charge of the fridge.

Flipping channels last week I ran across this talk show where a nutritionist was talking about rearranging the fridge to help us control what we eat.  Watch a segment of that here:

She said, “The vegetable crisper is where things go to die” and encouraged putting the bad foods in there instead.  I thought, Is it really okay not to put fruits and vegetables in the crisper?  I’m generally a nonconformist and love breaking the rules, but even this seemed like a stretch for me. 

Then I thought of Panda Express and how my daughter and I always ooh-aah over their huge fridge stacked top-to-bottom with clear containers of beautiful cut-up vegetables of all colors.  Vegetables always look so yummy at Panda Express, almost like you’d want to eat some. 

They don’t look that way at my house. 

So yesterday I pulled everything out of the fridge and moved it.  *Gasp*.  I put all the not-so-good-for-you stuff down there in the vegetable crispers.  (Is this really okay???)  Ricotta cheese.  Sour cream.  Grape jelly.  Caesar dressing.   

I pulled up all those fruits and veggies, put them in some Rubbermaid containers, and put them on the shelves.  Even was inspired enough to wash some of them and get them ready to eat. 


There’s all that healthy stuff right out there where I can see it and put my hands on it.  A container full of carrots right there on the top shelf?  It actually made me want to eat one.  I know, right? 

We live in an age of Pinterest-surfing DIY-ers, but I’m guessing most of us only do the surfing part.  Speaking the words, Wow, that’s a cool idea.  And then moving on.  Never acting. 

“Make every effort to add to your faith…self control.”  (2 Peter 1:5,6  NIV) 

Effort.  Doing it.  Pulling the food out of the fridge and making a change.   

Let me hear your fridge action stories!

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  1. interesting; I'll have to try this; but I do have to agree, putting veggies in the crisper we do sometimes forget about them