Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beware of giving out more than you're taking in.

I just spent a solid hour mowing the lawn in the heat of the day –with a me-powered push mower. 

Sweat dripping into my eyes.  Down the small of my back.  (This is when you’re glad I have no photography skills.) 

Halfway through I knew I was dehydrated.  My morning coffee was long gone, and I desperately needed fluids.  Too focused on finishing the yard to stop for water, I pushed through.   

When I was done I stood over the sink for five minutes.  Overheated and thirsty, I skipped getting a cup and just scooped water into my mouth, splashing it over my hot face.  Why did I let myself get to such a miserable place? 

At church Sunday night the music started, and I felt nothing.  Emptiness.  No stirring of my soul by the music.  No eager expectation for the Word.  I had let myself get dehydrated.   

Spent the whole week thinking about teaching a class, writing blog posts, drafting a Bible study, praying for a mission team.  Thinking about the needs of everyone else’s soul –but not the needs my own. 

So while the music played I talked to God.  Lord, I’ve poured myself out to others without seeking Your ice-cold water.  I’m sorry, and I’m asking you now to please give me what I need. 

My preacher husband opened His mouth and spoke about the Lord Almighty’s word to His priests –how they have to take it to heart to honor the Lord’s name so they are filled up and have something to spill out over everybody else.  (Malachi 2:1-7) 

The sermon ran down over my soul, and it was like God had been holding in His hand a frosty glass dripping with condensation –just waiting for me to ask for a drink. 

I am that one who needs to carve out a take-it-to-heart time in my day.  Opening the Bible for my own filling.  Praying to God for my own soul’s rehydration. 

What do you do when you’re parched of soul?

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