Wednesday, August 1, 2012

verbal applause

Early marriage seemed to bring all of Matt’s flaws to the top.  Flaws I hadn’t been aware of until he became my permanent roommate (like hanging the towel with the tag showing or his loud proclamation that the whole bed was his side).   

It became so easy to get with the girlfriends and spout my grievances. 

Complaining.  Complaining.  Complaining. 

One day I had this thought, What if he walked by when I didn’t know it and heard what I was saying about him?   

I would be appalled if this good man were to hear me verbally parading his petty faults. 

So I stopped.  I just stopped saying anything bad about him and started saying the good stuff. 

Words I would be proud for him to hear if he were to walk by. 

It took practice.  Griping comes much more easily to the tongue. 

Say the good things.  Say the good things. 

David says, “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you…”  (Psalm 89:15  NIV) 

Applauding our spouse.  Applauding our God.  Neither one comes naturally. 

Complaining.  Complaining.  Complaining.  It’s the easiest word to speak about God, too.  Parading the petty grievances (not that there are any flaws!) 

Happy is the woman who learns the art of praising her husband and her God in public. 

Because really, isn’t there a bucketful of good to say?

ten reasons why my man is awesome
  1. He takes me to lunch every Friday and lets me talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.
  2. He vacuums when I ask. 
  3. Little kids adore him.  So do old people and not so old people.
  4. He tells me the day he doesn’t have time to listen to my problems is the day he quits his job.
  5. He does great sound effects.
  6. He’s happy as long as I keep the Fun Pops stocked in the freezer.
  7. He’s a rescue hero, counseling people in any crisis.
  8. He sings tenor like no other.
  9. He looks good when he’s preaching.  Really good.  (Can I say that?)
  10. In January he lays on my side of the bed to get it warm before I crawl under the covers.


  1. Love this! Sam also warms my side of the bed during winter. We have some terrific husbands!

  2. I'm guessing he won't need to do that anymore in the DRC? Maybe fan you instead? We do have terrific husbands -love Sam's blog. He's hilarious.