Friday, August 24, 2012

Feeling unsettled?

I went for a tour last night of my dad’s impressive garden.   

He walked through, pointing out a field of potatoes, some pushing up from the ground.  Knee-high, feathery carrots.  Rows of tomatoes standing tall on dad’s homemade support towers.  Lettuce tall and gone to seed.  A fence line of acorn squash. 

Enough produce that all of my parents’ friends had better keep their car doors locked at church, or they’ll end up with a squash and tomatoes in their front seat. 

It’s hard to imagine that all of this came from fragile starter plants and a handful of miniscule seeds. 

This is a note for you, my daughter only three days in to your college experience.  Right now you’re at the fragile starting place.  The time where a gust of wind feels like it could blow the tiny seeds away.  Where roots wait in a starter container.  And you wonder if you’ll ever, ever feel comfortable and solid and firm in the ground. 

Psalm 44:1-2 (HCSB) says, “God, we have heard with our ears –our forefathers have told us –the work You accomplished in their days, in days long ago:  to plant themto settle them…”   

God works to plant people where He wants them to be. 

I feel a bit unsettled too, my beautiful girl.  A bit fragile and wanting to feel comfortable and okay again. 

Surely it’s a condition most of us wake up with every day.  Fragile and small and looking for solid earth, to be able to dig deep roots and know we’re in the right place.   

Strong enough underground to reach up and really live out in the open. 

Here’s encouragement to everyone who feels unrooted –God accomplishes the work.  God plants.  God settles people.  We just need to look to Him and have patience. 

Gardens take a whole summer to grow.

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