Thursday, August 23, 2012

Watch your language.

It might not surprise you that the article on language in the National Geographic caught my eye.  Did you know there are 7000 languages in the world now, and they predict in about a decade half of those will be gone? 

Which is sad, because language is unique to culture.  Word choices reflect how the people think.  When the language goes, a part of the culture is lost. 

Words and culture. 

The God who said, “Let there be light,” and there was light (Genesis 1:3  NIV) –He has created a culture where there are words like forgiveness, grace, blamelessness, reconciliation, hope, love, salvation, comfort, faithfulness, truth, peace. 

I live in a culture where there are words like idiot, loser, failure, pathetic, fear, skinny, fat, nerd, hopeless. 

I read in the National Geographic there are people who are working like crazy to preserve some of the endangered languages.  To save the very culture in which the people live. 

Language is a big deal. 

It shows where you live.  Who you are. 

Yesterday my daughter texted from her first day of college (sniff sniff) and said by the grace of God she met up with a friend at orientation. 

That was a great moment for me as a mom –to hear my daughter’s words reflect the culture of the kingdom of heaven. 

So to quote The Music Man, “Wad-a-ya-talk? Wad-a-ya-talk?”

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