Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cynicism, who invited you?

Lots of bad stuff has happened this summer. 

Like not getting into the restaurant I had looked forward to all day because the wait was 45 minutes. 

Like the wind blowing hard on the one night we planned to go to the beach. 

Like the swap meet being closed when we got there. 

Like the canoes not being available after we drove an hour because we were told we could use them. 

You know –really, really bad stuff. 

Somehow all these little disappointments stacked up into one big, dark cloud of cynicism in my soul. 

I found myself saying out loud, with an Eeyore accent, I’ll probably never have fun again.  EVER. 

Then I opened the Bible and saw Jesus on the cross.  The thief next to Him making a desperate plea.  Jesus answering him, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”  (Luke 23:43) 

The plight of the thief stands in ridicule of my cynicism. 

Cynicism born from an attitude of entitlement.  Am I not entitled to a scrapbook-worthy, fun summer? 

No.  The answer is no. 

I am entitled to hang where the thief hung, but Jesus gives me forgiveness and life instead. 

This morning I take communion in my heart.  Remembering Jesus’ body broken for me.  His blood spilled for me.   

Humility and gratitude leave no room for cynicism. 

What cynicism has crept into your soul, making you forget the grace of the cross?

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