Monday, June 25, 2012

one way to respond to a stressful situation

This weekend Matt barked instructions to the family when the oppressively muggy, hot weather turned into 70-mile-an-hour winds and hail in a matter of seconds. 

Get downstairs!   

Our experiences in Texas weather had us both fearing the possibility of a tornado. 

So I ran to the basement and jumped up beside my daughter to watch the storm out the window.   

But when I jumped up to stand by her I tripped a little.  Taking a step to right myself, I couldn’t seem to get my footing.  I did this strange little dance and ended up on my backside on the floor.  Then I realized Jayme had stepped off the track of the treadmill to watch the storm out the window, and the treadmill was still going. 

That’s just funny. 

Matt and I were lying in bed at the end of the day laughing about two things. 
1)  In the future, when he sends me to the basement to find a safe place from a dangerous storm, he would prefer I not go to a window.  2)  With roofs torn up, fences down, structures destroyed, and trees uprooted, the only personal bodily injured incurred by anyone in the neighborhood during the storm was me riding the treadmill to the floor. 

A cheerful heart is good medicine.”  (Proverbs 17:22  NIV)

How good are you at applying a sense of humor to a stressful situation? 

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