Thursday, June 14, 2012

never too comfortable

A few years ago my husband was approached by a pastor from Anchorage, Alaska.  The man had visited our church here in Montana on a Sunday when my husband had preached the sermon. 

The man asked Matt this question:  Would you consider moving to Alaska, to take over my position of senior pastor when I retire? 

A question like that knocks your feet out from underneath you. 

Early in our marriage Matt and I verbalized to each other that we never want to get so comfortable where we are that we’re unwilling to obey God if he asks us to go somewhere or do something. 

We were comfortable at the time this question came to us.  Excellent church position.  New home.  Tons of amazing friends.  Living close to family.  Kids happy.  Why in the world would we even consider leaving all of that? 

But we laid our lives on the table.  Okay, Lord.  We’ll go if you want us to.  Just say the word. 

We prayed.  We Googled Anchorage.  We watched the Anchorage weather forecasts (65 degrees summer, spring, winter, and fall -ugh).  We prayed some more. 

After a few weeks of agonizing prayer and discussion, we did not feel God calling us to Alaska, so we declined the request.  But we were willing to go. 

We were ready to say yes to God and leave our Montana happiness behind. 

1 John 2:17 says, “…the one who does the will of God lives forever.” 

If God asks you to move or give or speak or do, are you willing to do it, even if it means leaving comfortable?

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