Tuesday, June 26, 2012

moms are artists

I’ve been reading Linchpin, by Seth Godin.  His book is about artists and how we have a deep need to create art for the internal joy of making someone else’s life better. 

He writes of generosity. 

How generosity and art go together. 

Only weeks left until I take my little girl to another town and leave her there to go to college. 

As I’m reading Linchpin and then looking at her, a weighty joy sets on me. 

Perhaps, almost for certain, the most generous gift of art I will ever bestow on the world is this girl.  This beautiful person. 

It hurts a lot to let her go, but art hurts-good when you share it.  

To all my mom friends –the ones with the ornery boys and the ones with the girls in twirly dresses –you wear a smock every day.   

Artist’s smocks look messy for a reason. 

What do you want the gallery of the world to receive when you present to it your child –your masterpiece? 

(Good will come to him who is generous.  Psalm 112:5  NIV)

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