Friday, May 25, 2012

sing like they need you

My son stayed after school today to make an audition tape for all-state choir.  Before he started singing, his choir teacher told him this: 

They need you, but they don’t know they need you yet, so sing like they need you. 

Jesus said the same thing to his followers.  “You are the light of the world.”  (Matthew 5:14  NIV) 

The world needs you.  

It seems arrogant to think I’ve got something the world needs.  Like when I hit new post every day on my blog site and have the audacity to think the words I fill the page with may be just the words God wants to use to change your relationship with him, to help you live.  Yes, arrogant indeed. 

But there it is right from Jesus' lips.  The world needs me –needs the unique, quirky wattage of light I have to shed on it.  Not because I’m so amazing but because Amazing lives inside of me.  Amazing light shining through all my faults and weaknesses. 

If you have invited the Spirit of Jesus to live inside you, then he has given you a shiny something that’s going to allow him to illuminate his grace and goodness to the people around you.  What do you have to offer the world?   

YOU are the light of the world, but the world doesn’t know it needs you yet, so live like it needs you.

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