Friday, February 3, 2012

self control: inching forward

Pencil marks on the wall mark my son’s growth.  For two years in a row, every three months I gave away all of his pants and bought him new ones.  He went from hugging me and laying his head against my shoulder to hugging me and pulling my head against his chest.  I couldn’t see it happen as I watched him every day, but jeans don’t lie.  One inch at a time he became the one I call to reach for a dish from the high cupboard. 

Peter says we are to add self control to our faith, in “increasing measure” (2 Peter 1:5,6,8)

Pencil marks on the wall.

There is always a starting point of measurement. 
·        The weight on the scale.
·        The balance in the checkbook.
·        The temperature of relationships.
·        The spiritual habits.
·        The white glove across furniture.
·        The investment in hobbies.
·        The volunteer hours.
·        The work ethic.

I want to hug Peter and thank him for not giving a number on the ruler.  He didn’t say, “Add self control by the foot or by the yard or by the mile.” 

Just add it.

One mark at a time.  Millimeters count.

I open the door to my sons room, and behind his wall are the markings.  And I love them.  Love seeing him become a man. 

Open a door in your home, step behind it with a pencil, and mark where you are now.  Then, add a measure of self control, some tiny increments and some huge-gotta-buy-new-jeans-cause-mine-are-high-waters-now increments.

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