Thursday, February 16, 2012

why self control is connected to your world view

The first day of the meeting he wore a dress shirt.  The second day he wore the same shirt.  And he wore it the next day and the next day.

When I get dressed in the morning I think of that young man in Africa who led music at our morning Bible study, in his one and only dress shirt.  I stand in front of my closet for several minutes, fingering shirt after shirt.  I’ve bought space-saving hangers because I have more clothes than closet.  What to wear. 

I once listened to a radio program about a school in Mexico that feeds the students at school because they live in poverty.  And how sad it makes them to have to wean the children down to one meal a day before the summer break, so the change isn't such a shock.

Paul says, “I have learned to be content…”  (Philippians 4:10) 

Learning about the rest of the world has shown me my own wealth.  With that realization comes a school teacher -embarrassment.  How embarassing that my struggle is trying not to snack between meals when so many people have no "between".  How embarrassing to pout in front of my closet because my clothes are so “last year” when others only own the "last year".

I highly recommend visiting a third-world country or reading about one.  Learning to be content requires a teacher, and embarrassment is a good one.


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  2. I'm headed to Ethiopia this summer with our oldest who is 11. It has been a while since I went on a mission trip as I've been busy having babies and "growing" children. Praying we both come back changed! We (all four children and myself) are reading "Kisses From Katie" aloud. She does a good job of describing life in a 3rd world country and seeing things through the eyes of Jesus. I can "edit" it as I go to make it acceptable for their young ears.

    1. I know we go on mission trips to be a servant to others, but the benefits to you and your kids will so outweight what you give out!!! I think every American child should spend some time in a third world country. Definitely promotes a thankful, minimal lifestyle. What a cool experience to have with your child!