Saturday, November 19, 2011

flatbread living

A few summers ago my daughter and I discovered a recipe book called Flatbreads and Flavors. The authors traveled all over the world and compiled flatbread recipes. I was surprised at the ingredients when I experimented making South American tortillas, Indian chapati, and Middle Eastern pita bread. Flour, water, oil, salt. Mix it together, let it sit, roll out a ball of dough, and cook it for a few minutes on a hot skillet. A while ago I read an article about an older couple that passed away. They were simple farmers in a small town. She owned two dresses. When they died many people were shocked as they started receiving money from the estate. This couple who had lived such a quiet, minimal life had been storing up money to give away to people who needed it. I having been turning a slow, full circle -looking at area of my life to see where I could live on few and basic ingredients.

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