Thursday, March 15, 2012

one day when I was a jerk

Several months ago I spent the afternoon doing personal finances.  It was bad.  You know –lotsa bills and not lotsa money.  It left me feeling stressed and on the edge.  Anxious.  Barely holding in tears. 

And that’s how I walked into the meeting.  A donkey on the edge, if you will.

My pastor friend who leads the meeting said, “Hey team, let’s go pray in the sanctuary.”  And I said, “but I brought dinner and it will get cold.”  (Great pastor’s wife I am –more worried about the food than the prayer.)  And he insisted we start with prayer and that it would just take a few minutes.   

I lost it. 

Wow, that really set a great tone for the evening.   

Here’s the only thing I know.  I acted like a childish, emotional, out-of-control woman toward my friend, but he forgave me.   

I don’t think you really know if someone is your friend until you’ve been a total jerk to him and he still wants to hang out with you. 

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”  Proverbs 17:17

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  1. What an honest post, Christy. We are all total jerks at times, probably more often than we realize! Yes, friends who love us anyway are the real treasures in life.