Sunday, October 30, 2011

powerful spiritual words

Almost 10 years ago insomnia introduced itself to me. I used to sleep solid all night, and then one day I woke up early, really early, and couldn't go back to sleep. It became a regular part of my life.
For a few years I writhed and cried and moaned and called out to God in the night, begging Him to help me go back to sleep. Angry and frustrated, I added emotional misery to physical fatigue.
One night I changed my response to being awake.
I still go through cycles of insomnia (got about four hours of sleep last night), but now instead of groping for a pair of boxing gloves to have it out with God, I have two words -okay, Lord. If He's not taking the insomnia from me (which I know He can), then He must be offering it to me.
I lay in bed and pray now, but it's not an angry lashing out -it's a service to people who weigh on my heart -a strange wee-hour vigil I keep, praying for people who are hurting or who need courage, praying for my kids and my husband, praying for those who are in need and those who grieve.
Okay, Lord.

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  1. what an encouragement Christy. Oh how I need to say..."okay, Lord." thanks for sharing these words from your heart!